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Company Sales

In addition to our own in-house company acquisitions we are also corporate business advisors specialising in a discreet bespoke approach to selling companies with a value range from £1m through to £25m+

Thinking of Selling your Company?

Even if you are only starting to think of selling your company, it’s never too early to begin planning for your exit – the more time you give yourself to consider this vital aspect the better.  A business isn’t just a set of figures on a balance sheet, a business represents years or decades of investment, pressure, sleepless nights, that’s why we can help guide you towards the exit that you want. One that rewards you for the hard work you have put into the process of achieving your business success to date.

What we can do for you

There is no “one size fits all” off the peg approach to any company sale. Each company and each individual requires a bespoke and confidential solution in order to achieve the very best terms. We therefore begin by working closely with you to discover what makes you and your company unique.

Our team know that finding the right buyer for your company requires a proactive approach, therefore we won’t be sitting back waiting for offers to roll in. Our track record tells us that the best company sales are achieved when we seek out the best buyers.

Our negotiating experience spans the globe and our contacts tell us that the UK remains a prime location for investment for companies all over the world. Rest assured our experts have the knowledge and experience to scour the entire marketplace for your ideal buyer.

Actions speak louder than words!

How we value your Company

At the heart of selling your company is realising it’s true value, this goes well beyond calculating multiples of turnover or profit or merely just looking at similar sales within the sector.

We will take a holistic approach to the business valuation, looking not just at the bottom line or the balance sheet but also projecting forward into the future selling the potential synergies and economies of scale, market possibilities, the skills and experience that staff and existing management bring.

If we are going to achieve maximum value for your company we will work to find those for which growth and potential matter not just those who only view your companies past ensuring you exit with the very best outcome.

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Service You Can Trust
It should go without saying that discretion and confidentiality should be the core of any service, we will therefore guarantee both to ensure your reputation and business are protected, always acting with full commitment, passion, professionalis and integrity.
Furthermore we will always handle your company sale or even just a casual enquiry with complete sensitivity.
If you are considering selling your company contact us today for a no obligation chat
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